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This score is 16 pages (letter-size - 8 ½ x 11 inches) in length, and is designed for front only copying or for front and back “booklet” style copying. This score is used by the organist as well as the chorus. Purchasers download a PDF file with permission to reproduce copies in maximum quantities of 20, 40 or 99. (Permission “rights” are printed on the bottom of each score). If permission to reproduce more than 99 copies is desired, please contact Once purchased, this music may be performed without limitations. For recording rights, please contact the composer at

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All Heav’n in Thee was commissioned in 2016 by Margaret Ecker in memory of her father, David Ecker. The words are from a poem by George Herbert (1593-1633) transcribed by John Wesley in his Collections of Psalms and Hymns, 1737.



How swiftly wafted in a Sigh

Thou god that hear'st the Prayer,

Do our Requests invade the Sky

And pierce thy bending Ear!


My Suit is made, my Prayer is o'er,

If I but lift my Eye;

Thou gracious Father, canst no more

Not hear, than thou canst die.


How shall we thy great Arm revere

Which gives this All to be,

Connects the Center with the Sphere

And spans Infinity?


Whate'er our ardent Souls require,

Whate'er we wish is there;

Thy Power exceeds our scant Desire

And blames our partial Prayer.


O! how unbounded is thy Love

Which when thou could'st not die,

Descending from thy Throne above

Put on mortality!


Thou leav'st thy Father's blissful Face

Our Guilt and Curse to assume,

To burst the Bars that stop'd thy Grace

And make thy Bounty room.


Then still let prayer with me remain,

This my Companion be:

So shall I all my wants obtain,

Obtain all Heav’n in thee!

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